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Building a reputation for quality, service and excellence

For more than 90 years, we have been delivering professional services aligned with our values of respect, integrity, excellence, teamwork and stewardship. Middle market companies have come to see us as trusted advisors who understand how to navigate the complexities of doing business both domestically and globally. We continue to invest heavily in the enhancement and development of new and existing services on a global basis.

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Quality and independence
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Our People and locations

Expanding to meet the needs of middle market leaders

Wherever our clients are, we have the people to work with them.

Acquisition and transaction activity
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St. Petersburg, FL
  • Gregory, Sharer & Stuart 
  • More than 70 professionals
  • Expands presence in Tampa Bay market 
Washington, D.C.
  • Tate & Tryon
  • More than 150 professionals
  • Expands presence in Washington, D.C.
  • Deepens focus on serving nonprofit industry
  • Enhances the technology consulting practice

Quality and independence

Delivering services with integrity and objectivity

At RSM, we have spent more than 90 years building a reputation for quality, integrity and client service excellence. Quality is our primary objective for every service we provide, and we maintain independence across our various service offerings. We expect everyone in our firm to take personal responsibility to protect our reputation and deliver service in a way that is aligned with our values as well as what clients and the marketplace have come to expect from our firm.
All RSM people and practices are responsible for upholding our code of conduct, which is grounded in our values of respect, integrity, excellence, teamwork and stewardship, and outlines the standards of ethical behavior to which we hold each other accountable.
Each of our lines of business has rigorous standards for client acceptance and an inspection program, and we deliver our services in accordance with RSM policies, relevant technical and professional standards, and applicable laws and regulations. 
RSM’s audit practice has a system of quality control that is designed to provide reasonable assurance that our firm and our personnel comply with professional standards, and applicable regulatory and legal requirements, and that our firm issues reports that are appropriate in each circumstance. Our commitment to audit quality and professional excellence provides more details about audit quality at RSM. The firm participated in its triennial peer review in 2019 and received a pass report.
The RSM ethics and compliance hotline allows any RSM employee, client or vendor who sees, suspects or knows about fraudulent, illegal or unethical behavior to report it. The hotline is staffed by an outside organization that specializes in gathering the information needed to appropriately follow up with a concern. Concerned parties can file a report anytime, day or night, by phone (+1 800 913 5052) or online.

We provide insights and clarity to global economic, business and industry issues relevant to business needs. Our global methodologies ensure consistency and quality around the world.

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Global strength, local relationships

RSM is a member of RSM International, a leading global network of audit, tax and consulting firms focused on the middle market. Last year, RSM International continued to serve clients through its:




countries with a presence, 54 new offices last year






Read more about RSM International’s recent fiscal year results.

Developing global advisor talent

Our innovative global mobility program provides unique, real-world experiences to build the advisory skills of RSM professionals across RSM’s global network. Recently, one of our audit personnel on assignment to Hong Kong served as an extension of both the RSM US and RSM Hong Kong teams while working on an audit with the management of a company with Hong Kong operations. The expatriate was in a unique position to facilitate communication, bridge cultural differences and work across time zones to successfully assist with completing the audit. We also host assignments in the United States for RSM International firms, thereby bringing country-specific knowledge to clients in key U.S. markets. 

Leveraging innovation and digital solutions across our global organization

RSM continues to invest heavily in the enhancement and development of new and existing services on a global basis, as well as in internal applications and processes, through the utilization of new digital technologies. Guiding this effort is RSM International’s global chief innovation officer and a global digital advisory committee comprised of innovation specialists from RSM firms worldwide. 

A seamless approach to global service

Leveraging a leading international network of professionals

Middle market companies that are internationally active need a trusted advisor who understands how to navigate the complexities of doing business globally. This advisor should:
  • Understand how to navigate cultural and language differences
  • Leverage established relationships and a globally experienced workforce
  • Possess multicountry technical expertise
  • Access the resources of a multinational network embedded throughout the world’s global markets
RSM’s global focus informs highly personalized, relevant and seamless client experiences, regardless of time zones or international borders.
RSM presence

* RSM US LLP is the U.S. member firm of RSM International
As of August 2020  © 2020 RSM US LLP. All Rights Reserved.

Ensuring high-quality client experiences

We provide insights and clarity to global economic, business and industry issues relevant to your business needs. This year’s examples were wide-ranging, and included COVID-19, Brexit, United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement opportunities, and the impact of trade tensions and tariffs.
Our global methodologies ensure consistency and quality around the world. These include leveraging best business practices and common development tools for all RSM firms to provide a consistent RSM experience, and improve client satisfaction. We continue to expand our global tax, audit and consulting service capabilities for middle market companies. 
An example is the launch of RSM Orb, a new global audit methodology and supporting platform that scales according to client complexity and circumstance. The methodology is deployed across RSM’s global network to focus on client risk and provide deeper critical insights.
Our global compliance and reporting services assist clients in managing and coordinating complex and diverse regulatory requirements from country to country through a centralized engagement team. This past year, we gave clients peace of mind that their foreign filing obligations were met, and mitigated the risks of missed deadlines and penalties with a convenient and cost-effective delivery system.
As COVID-19 rapidly spread around the world, RSM was able to continue to provide seamless service through our global teams using our robust technology and methodologies even when we could not physically be together.

Advising companies on global expansion, relocation or consolidation

RSM’s global expansion advisory services team advises clients on engaging in successful expansions, relocations or consolidations of global operations. We guide business leaders through decision-making, prioritization and execution of a company’s global expansion plans. We take a phased approach to working with clients considering expansion into new global markets by focusing on strategic investment, acquisition planning, talent and resource considerations, site selection and geopolitical changes.

Country specialists serve foreign direct investors and ease foreign market access

We continue to be a dominant firm for middle market foreign direct investors, leveraging our global business advisory capabilities and country specialists to provide critical support for inbound and outbound FDI activity. 
RSM’s country desks provide a deep understanding of FDI while helping clients navigate business, regulatory and cultural issues when entering new markets. Based in the United States, these professionals provide answers and perspectives on inbound and outbound business opportunities, and offer cross-border knowledge across our audit, tax and consulting services. We have dedicated desks for China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
This year, our country desks reached out to RSM International firms to assist U.S. companies in expanding their global presence. This included insightful solutions for addressing invoicing and excise tax reporting requirements, while navigating evolving regulatory environments. 

Trade advisory services

Globally active middle market businesses face a variety of trade and tariff obligations. With many countries changing their import and export regulations, it can be challenging to manage activities in multiple jurisdictions, especially without technical expertise on staff. Our trade advisory professionals continue to assist with strategic planning to identify fiscal cash savings, reduce the risk profile of supply chain processes, and support operational efficiencies.