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Developing our people, supporting our communities

We appreciate the unique differences among our talented people, and we leverage this understanding to drive our inclusion efforts through various workplace initiatives. We also help employees pursue their passions. Moreover, we’re proud to support talented and promising students on their educational journeys, and to make a difference for the next generation of business leaders.

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Building tomorrow's middle market leaders by supporting programs focused on education, as well as on organizations serving hunger, housing and the health needs of youth.

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Dedicated to building leaders

Our foundation is dedicated to building tomorrow’s middle market leaders by enhancing educational outcomes through programs to help individuals develop career paths to become an entrepreneurs or middle market business leaders, and to supporting organizations committed to providing stable environments for youth in the areas of hunger, housing and health, thereby helping them excel in education.


generated by RSM's University Giving Match program.


The grand total of RSM CLassic donations raised during the first 10 years of The RSM Classic.


Dollars for Doers has enabled grants totaling nearly $1.2 million Since the program started in 2015.



Charity putting tournament

PGA TOUR professionals, Special Olympics athletes and representatives from Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Georgia compete in an annual charity-putting tournament with RSM’s leadership team serving as their caddies.

Acting as trusted stewards of our communities

Making a difference through grants, volunteerism and other programs

Stewardship is RSM’s core values, and the RSM US Foundation is one of the manifestations of that value.
The foundation’s mission is to build tomorrow's middle market leaders by supporting programs focused on education, as well as on organizations serving hunger, housing and the health needs of youth.

birdies fore love

Every year since 2013, RSM’s Birdies Fore Love program—our charitable giving platform for The RSM Classic, a firm-sponsored PGA TOUR event—has been making a difference for youth in the United States. Last year, of the more than $4.6 million raised through the 2019 tournament, more than $3.8 million of that total was raised through Birdies Fore Love, including a friendly competition at RSM offices that donated funds raised to deserving organizations in the local communities where RSM employees live and work. 
Throughout the country, RSM’s Birdies Fore Love program is making a difference in our communities:
RSM leaders, Robyn and Davis Love and national Birdies Fore Love leaders celebrated RSM’s $3.8 million donation to worthy charities at the 2019 RSM Classic. 

Dollars for Doers

The RSM US Foundation provides matching grants in support of employees’ volunteer time serving charitable organizations aligned with its mission. In fiscal 2020, individual, team and RSM Volunteer Week activities generated nearly 33,500 volunteer hours and 291 foundation matching grants totaling $418,702. RSM employees’ volunteer time and the grants generated supported a variety of needs in communities across the country:
  • Assistance for a portable dentistry program that provides care to children in a school setting who might not otherwise have access to dental care.
  • Youth education programming at a culturally diverse contemporary dance organization.
  • One-on-one tutoring for students struggling with math.
  • A program that works with public schools to provide access to free, new twin beds for children in need.


Fiscal year 2020 marked a Decade of Doing through RSM’s Volunteer Week. RSM’s people, clients and friends joined forces to showcase the firm's core value of stewardship and helped various communities where RSM has offices. Supporting 66 charitable organizations this year, our volunteers:
  • Helped schools rebuild their gardens, install playgrounds, paint classrooms and organize books in their libraries.
  • Assisted with packaging food for local food banks.
  • Helped build a house from scratch. 
The RSM US Foundation’s Dollars for Doers program makes Volunteer Week even more rewarding by matching employees’ direct volunteer hours with dollars for qualifying charitable organizations.
Volunteer Week provides employees and other volunteers the opportunity to help those in need in their communities. Left, Minneapolis employees gathered to paint, landscape and prepare a local school for a new year.

Giving back to our universities

RSM’s Power Your Education program  continued its mission to build tomorrow’s middle market leaders this year. Since the program’s inception in calendar year 2019, donations totaling more than $2.2 million in fiscal 2020 supported scholarships, fellowships, entrepreneurial endeavors and other programs.
The scope of RSM’s support of higher education extends across the country. The RSM US Foundation’s University Giving Match program has provided matches for donations made by RSM partners and principals to colleges and universities throughout the United States. 
The RSM US Foundation also provides grants that support educational initiatives in business, accounting and entrepreneurial studies. 
The firm was recognized by the University of Northern Iowa by its 2019 President’s Philanthropy Award for corporations and foundations. RSM was noted for its significant leadership giving, dedicated long-term service, and assistance to UNI students and faculty through recruitment opportunities and program support. The donation of $1 million from the firm, the foundation and individual alumni donors to the RSM Endowed Chair in Accounting supports a professorship that enables the university to continue attracting and retaining high-quality educators. 

RSM US Foundation support during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis struck New York City, the RSM US Foundation responded with the purchase of personal protective equipment for four front-line organizations—including firefighters, police and health care providers—and donated $1.8 million to local food banks in the United States and Canada.
The foundation also pivoted its Kids on Course program with the Zach Johnson Foundation to provide internet access, Chromebooks and iPads so children in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, could continue their education remotely.

At RSM, we’ve made it our mission to enhance innovation, collaboration and business results through a culture of diversity and inclusion.

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A universal culture of empowerment

Culture, diversity and inclusion at RSM unlock innovation and help drive our clients’ success.

RSM leaders embody and embrace the power of differences, aligning inclusive leadership with market outcomes. CDI fosters appreciation for diversity helping RSM teams broaden their dexterity, understanding and ability to collaborate, leading to better performance and innovative thinking.


employee network groups RSM supports that connect people with diverse experiences and similar interests.


+ of our firm’s workforce are members of at least one employee network group.


+ of RSM senior leadership participate in and support our diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Thousands of personalities make up RSM. Every member of our team brings unique insights and a passion for the middle market companies we serve.

Expanding the impact of diversity and inclusion

Inspiring understanding, respect and acceptance

The energy and commitment driving RSM’s diversity and inclusion efforts continue to grow, enabling us to have an even greater, positive impact on our people and our clients. We appreciate the unique differences among our talented people, and we leverage this understanding to drive our inclusion efforts through various workplace initiatives.
Our inclusive programs and practices have cultivated a workplace that celebrates and values the unique attributes that each of our employees brings to the firm.

identifying opportunities and issues

In fiscal 2020, RSM made a commitment to underrepresented populations through our partnerships with three diverse professional organizations. These partnerships advance education, professional development and opportunity for minorities entering the accounting profession. With support from the RSM US Foundation, our firm awarded scholarships of $5,000 each to 12 minority students to support their undergraduate studies and nurture their goal of pursuing careers in public accounting or business finance disciplines.
We also launched RSM Courageous Conversations as part of our commitment to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion’s™ pledge. These forums focus on meaningful dialogue with our firm leadership and employees from all backgrounds. Through these honest, open exchanges, participants gain a better understanding of the issues and concerns of our diverse employees and the communities we serve. We believe that this inclusive approach is essential for driving new and innovative ideas to help all of us succeed.
Our 11 employee network groups (ENGs) offer unique ways for all employees to grow, develop and enhance their understanding of others while celebrating all walks of life and backgrounds. Each provides opportunities for volunteerism, professional development, mentorship and networking of all levels across the firm. Through these networks, we leverage the strength that diversity of thought provides to our clients and others we serve. 
family first

A culture of support

As the world addresses the COVID-19 pandemic, RSM is helping middle market leaders prioritize what is next for their businesses. While we support our clients, our firm’s culture provides a variety of resources to support our people, and ENGs are serving as critical connection points for employees working remotely. 
  • Mindful Mondays and Feel Good Fridays events help our people start and end their workweeks on a positive note, continuing to foster the sense of belonging and understanding for our talent.
  • Members of our Family First ENG share family issues and challenges while providing tips for adjusting to the new normal, including work from home tips for parents and remote learning tips for students.
  • Our Abilities ENG shared insights on how kindness and caring help everyone, including caretakers and those with different abilities.
  • Tools and resources from the Generations ENG are helping teams communicate effectively and share knowledge within a virtual environment.
  • AACE, our ENG that supports RSM’s Black and other minority professionals, hosted a virtual 80s-themed party, complete with a trivia contest and a costume contest.

Recognition of our commitment

In fiscal 2020, in addition to signing the Business Statement for Transgender Equality, RSM was recognized in a number of ways for our CDI commitments:
RSM and its professionals continue to be recognized across the profession for diversity and inclusion thought leadership in service to the AICPA and AGA, among others. At RSM, the work we do and the recognitions we’ve earned all underscore our mission to enhance innovation, collaboration and business results through a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Each year, we celebrate and support the creative passions of our colleagues.

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A passionate and caring workforce

Since the Pursue Your Passion program began in 2016, there have been:




RSM employees







Pursue Your Passion

Making dreams a reality

The year 2020 marks the fifth year of RSM’s Pursue Your Passion program, which began in 2016 in celebration of the firm’s 90th anniversary. Initially dubbed “90-90-9: Pursue Your Passion,” the program awards nine employees with $90,000 ($10,000 each) and nine days of paid time off each year to pursue their passions. 
Each year, our people embrace the Pursue Your Passion program, submitting their creative and unique applications, making their cases for why they should be selected by their leaders and peers to pursue their passions. While whittling the list down to just nine winners each year is never easy, we made the selections and would like to introduce you to this year’s winners—and the passions they are pursuing:
Christopher Brophey
Tax Manager | Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Now that Christopher's body has healed from cancer, he will create lasting memories with his young son and wife during a trip to England. 
Christopher Brophey
Marie-Annette Donaghue
Marie-Annette Donaghue
Manager | Dallas, Texas
Marie-Annette is arranging a return trip to Kenya to help children at a small orphanage explore the beauty of a nearby national park and provide support to bolster the orphanage’s self-sufficiency.
Alyssa Lavelle
Alyssa Lavelle
Resource Manager | New York, New York
Alyssa is honoring her mother’s memory by continuing to raise funds and awareness for colon cancer, and establishing an independent foundation in her mother’s name.
Josh Milazzo
Audit Assurance Supervisor | Jacksonville, Florida
Josh will ride the Pacific Coast Highway with his dad in remembrance of the life and service his younger brother gave to his faith, the country and their family.
Josh Milazzo
Alma Padilla
Alma Padilla
Tax Manager | Houston, Texas
Alma is purchasing gifts and necessities for two organizations to pay forward kindnesses afforded to her family when her daughter was receiving treatment at Texas Children’s Hospital.
Joshua Scott
Joshua Scott
Tax Senior Associate | Kansas City, Missouri
Joshua will create a documentary film that shares the stories of people struggling with income inequality and homelessness to enhance understanding around these issues.
Joshua Sweeting
Joshua Sweeting
Audit Manager | Denver, Colorado
Joshua will finally meet Ruben, a Bolivian teen he has sponsored for several years through Compassion International, and sponsor a second child in the program.
julio trejo
julio trejo
Tax Associate | Las Vegas, Nevada
Julio is continuing his health journey by training to run a marathon, and helping others by raising funds to fight childhood obesity.
Ryan Weitz
Ryan Weitz
Audit assurance supervisor | Boston, Massachusetts
Ryan will combine his love of exploring nature, photography and giving back by backpacking through Alaska’s Arrigetch Peaks and donating his photography sales proceeds to RSM’s Birdies Fore Love program. 

We’re proud to be able to help these talented and promising students on their educational journeys, and to make a difference for the next generation of business leaders. 

Investing in the future through scholarships

RSM’s Power Your Education program helps build tomorrow’s business leaders

In April 2019, RSM selected 10 students to receive scholarships toward their 2019/2020 tuition through the RSM US Foundation's national scholarship program: Power Your Education. Additionally, each student earned an invitation to RSM’s competitive Pathways Summer Leadership Program.
The winners were selected based on a number of core criteria, including a short essay describing something that makes them unique; pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in business or technology; and a 30-second video response to the question: “What does RSM’s brand promise—the power of being understood—mean to you?” Judges evaluated the essays based on creativity, quality of writing and reflection of the applicant’s individuality; and assessed the video submission by the degree to which each reflected RSM’s core values of respect, integrity, teamwork, excellence and stewardship.
Each student will receive a $10,000 scholarship toward their business- or technology-related undergraduate degree—a total of $100,000 in scholarships.
Esther Cha
University of Southern California | Business Administration
Esther Cha
Nicola Falco
nicola falco
Northern Illinois University | Accountancy
Mackenzie Fazenbaker
Mackenzie Fazenbaker
Samford University | Accounting
julia han
University of Southern California | Business Administration, Applied and Computational Mathematics
julia han
iris huang
iris huang
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign | Accounting
NGa Wing Lau
NGa Wing Lau
University of California, Irvine | Business Economics
Kavaughn Lindsay
Kavaughn Lindsay
University of Houston | Accounting
Cionelle Malijan
Cionelle Malijan
California State University, Northridge | Accounting and information systems
Andrew Sytek
Andrew Sytek
University of South Florida, Tampa | Accounting