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Creating a culture of client service, quality and integrity for nearly a century

As economic conditions evolve and our firm continues to grow, we have remained dedicated to our core mission: being the first-choice advisor to middle market leaders globally. Now more than ever, clients need the full power of RSM's national and global capabilities and service offerings to support their business objectives. We are uniquely positioned to deliver timely, comprehensive solutions and trusted advice when and where our clients need them.

Our people and locations

A local presence combined with an extensive reach

Wherever our clients are, we have the people and resources to work with them.

RSM US-Canada Map
RSM US-Canada Map
RSM US and RSM Canada office locations, including RSM Delivery Center (India) Private Limited; and RSM US SV, Ltda. de C.V.
New office Openings IN FISCAL 2022:
RSM opened locations in Fort Worth, TX, Pittsburgh, PA, and Vancouver, B.C.
Acquisition activity in Fiscal 2022:
Edison, NJ (Washington, D.C., Toronto, ON)
C Systems, LLC; C Systems Canada, LLC; and Confluence Global, LLC
Enhanced RSM’s nonprofit technology services and association management system solutions
Detroit, MI Rego Consulting’s ServiceNow practice
Expanded RSM’s digital transformation offerings
Kitchener, ON (Vancouver, B.C.)
Business Improvement Group (BIG) and Revenue Services Group (RSG)
Enhanced RSM Canada’s credits and incentives practice
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Quality and Independence

At RSM, we have spent nearly a century building a reputation for quality, integrity and client service excellence. Providing a quality product and maintaining independence across our many service offerings are cornerstones of our firm. We expect everyone at RSM to take personal responsibility to protect our reputation and deliver service in a way that is aligned with both our values and what our clients and the marketplace have come to expect from our firm.

All RSM people and practices are responsible for upholding our code of conduct, which is grounded in our values of respect, integrity, excellence, teamwork and stewardship, and outlines the standards of ethical behavior to which we hold each other accountable.

Each of our lines of business has rigorous standards for client acceptance and an inspection program. In addition, we deliver our audit, tax and consulting services in accordance with RSM policies, relevant technical and professional standards, and applicable laws and regulations. 

RSM’s audit practice has a system of quality control that is designed to provide reasonable assurance that our firm and our personnel comply with professional standards, and applicable regulatory and legal requirements, and that our firm issues reports that are appropriate in each circumstance. Read Our Commitment to Audit Quality and Professional Excellence for more details about audit quality at RSM.

Additionally, the RSM ethics and compliance hotline allows any RSM employee, client or vendor who sees, suspects or knows about fraudulent, illegal or unethical behavior to report it. The hotline is staffed by an outside organization that specializes in gathering the information needed to appropriately follow up with a concern. Concerned parties can file a report anytime, day or night, by phone (+1 800 913 5052) or online.

A seamless approach to global service

Ensuring high-quality client experiences

Globally active middle market companies need a trusted advisor who understands how to help navigate the complexities of doing business across international borders. This advisor should: 

  • Possess multicountry technical insight and a globally experienced workforce
  • Understand how to navigate cultural and language differences affecting international business
  • Have access to the resources of a multinational network embedded across the world’s global markets
RSM Global MapRSM Global Map
Countries where RSM has member-firm coverage

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Trusted first-choice advisor to middle market companies globally

RSM provides global insights about economic, business and industry issues relevant to client business needs. Insights relating to the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, global expansion strategies, tax reporting for international business travelers, middle market workforce patterns in the U.K., and tariffs and trade help our clients stay informed. We continue to expand our global tax, audit and consulting service capabilities to help middle market companies understand and adapt to global and regional issues. 

Global methodologies ensure consistency and quality throughout RSM’s international network. This includes leveraging best practices and common tools for all RSM firms to provide a consistent RSM experience. One example is RSM Orb, a global audit methodology and supporting platform that scales according to client complexity and circumstance. The methodology is deployed across RSM’s global network to focus on client risk and provide deeper critical insights.

Globally active companies face significant and growing compliance challenges. Our global compliance and reporting services help clients manage their compliance and reporting needs through one global relationship leader, with support from a dedicated U.S.-based team and a robust global network. This past year, we helped clients’ peace of mind that their foreign filing obligations were met, and mitigated the risks of missed deadlines and penalties with a convenient and cost-effective delivery system.

RSM Delivery Centers in India and El Salvador enhance the client experience by creating and delivering timely, cost-effective and high-quality solutions to improve business processes across service lines.

Country-focused specialization serves foreign direct investors and eases foreign market access

We continue to be a dominant firm for middle market foreign direct investors, leveraging our global business advisory capabilities and country experience to provide critical support for foreign direct investment (FDI) activity.

RSM’s country practices provide a deep understanding of FDIs while helping clients navigate business, regulatory and cultural issues when entering new markets. Based in the United States, these professionals provide answers and perspectives on inbound and outbound business opportunities, and offer cross-border knowledge across our audit, tax and consulting services.

Global strength, local relationships

RSM US is a member of RSM International, the sixth-largest global network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms.

The year saw RSM International member firms transition from supporting clients through the pandemic to investing in a radically different future as COVID-19 becomes endemic. The adoption of new technology, evolving sustainability commitments and a wave of M&A activity among the global middle market were key drivers of growth.

Mutual and close collaboration between member firms form a global strategic ecosystem that allows RSM to serve clients seamlessly around the world. Read more about ways RSM’s global team is finding opportunity in change to help middle market business leaders grow and thrive internationally.

RSM International’s recent fiscal year results mark a seventh consecutive year of global growth and encompasses:


professionals worldwide


countries, including 40 new offices


Combined revenues


New firms in Turkey, the Bahamas and Nigeria


year-over-year global revenue growth

Vision 100 ... Powered by our culture

Preparing for our 100th anniversary and beyond

As we prepare for our 100th anniversary in 2026, RSM is holding true to the values, culture and first-choice advisor approach that have powered our success for 100 years while evolving and adapting our digital experience, strategic ecosystems and service offerings to lead into the future.

Our values and the 5 C’s are core to who we are, and we are continuing to develop programs to embed them even more deeply into our firm. Our vision and purpose have been our North Star as we navigated COVID-19, social and political unrest, turnover, inflation, and more during the last several years. And our clients and people alike tell us our first-choice advisor approach is compelling and differentiating in the marketplace.

To lead into the future, we are pursuing four strategic pillars:
Lead the middle market
2. Drive an unrivaled inclusive culture and talent experience
3. Win with industry, agility and digital velocity
4. Maximize strategic ecosystems

RSM Strategy Square

This will enable us to lead the middle market with transparency, agility, industry relevance, diversity and digital velocity to empower our people to build vibrant futures, to ensure clients experience the power of being understood everywhere in the world and to maximize strategic relationships.

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