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Continuing a legacy of client service, quality and integrity for nearly a century

As our firm continues to grow and bring new solutions to life, we continue to stay true to our core mission: being the first-choice advisor to middle market leaders globally. Now more than ever, our clients need the comfort of local resources along with international capabilities that can help support ongoing success. Through our vision and clear purpose, we are well-positioned to deliver the power of being understood by providing quality resources whenever and wherever our clients need them.

Our people and locations

Expanding to meet the needs of middle market leaders

Wherever our clients are, we have the people and resources to work with them.

RSM US/CanadaRSM US/Canada
Acquisition activity in FY 2021

* RSM US and RSM Canada are member firms of RSM International
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Quality and Independence

At RSM, we have spent 95 years building a reputation for quality, integrity and client service excellence. Quality is our primary objective for every service we provide, and we maintain independence across our various service offerings. We expect everyone in our firm to take personal responsibility to protect our reputation and deliver service in a way that is aligned with our values as well as what clients and the marketplace have come to expect from our firm.

All RSM people and practices are responsible for upholding our code of conduct, which is grounded in our values of respect, integrity, excellence, teamwork and stewardship, and outlines the standards of ethical behavior to which we hold each other accountable.

Each of our lines of business has rigorous standards for client acceptance and an inspection program, and we deliver our services in accordance with RSM policies, relevant technical and professional standards, and applicable laws and regulations.

RSM’s audit practice has a system of quality control that is designed to provide reasonable assurance that our firm and our personnel comply with professional standards, and applicable regulatory and legal requirements, and that our firm issues reports that are appropriate in each circumstance. Our commitment to audit quality and professional excellence provides more details about audit quality at RSM.

The RSM ethics and compliance hotline allows any RSM employee, client or vendor who sees, suspects or knows about fraudulent, illegal or unethical behavior to report it. The hotline is staffed by an outside organization that specializes in gathering the information needed to appropriately follow up with a concern. Concerned parties can file a report anytime, day or night, by phone (+1 800 913 5052) or online.

A seamless approach to global service

Ensuring high-quality client experiences

Globally active middle market companies need a trusted advisor who understands how to help navigate the complexities of doing business across international borders. This advisor should: 

  • Possess multicountry technical knowledge and a globally experienced workforce
  • Understand how to navigate cultural and language differences affecting international business
  • Have access to the resources of a multinational network embedded across the world’s global markets
RSM International MapRSM International Map
Countries where RSM has member-firm coverage

* RSM US and RSM Canada are member firms of RSM International
© 2021 RSM US and RSM Canada. All Rights Reserved. April 2021

Trusted first-choice advisor to middle market companies globally

RSM provides relevant global insights on economic, business and industry issues to address clients’ business needs. This includes the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, global tax structures, global mobility, and tariffs and trade. We continue to expand our global tax, audit and consulting service capabilities to help middle market companies understand and adapt to global and regional issues.

Global methodologies ensure consistency and quality throughout RSM’s international network. This includes leveraging best practices and common tools for all RSM firms to provide a consistent RSM experience. One example is RSM Orb, a global audit methodology and supporting platform that scales according to client complexity and circumstance. The methodology is deployed across RSM’s global network to focus on client risk and provide deeper critical insights.

Globally active companies face significant and growing compliance challenges. Our global compliance and reporting services help clients manage their compliance and reporting needs through one global relationship leader, with support from a dedicated U.S.-based team and a robust global network. This past year, we gave clients peace of mind that their foreign filing obligations were met, and mitigated the risks of missed deadlines and penalties with a convenient and cost-effective delivery system.

RSM’s global expansion team advises clients on engaging in successful expansions, relocations or consolidations of global operations. We guide business leaders through decision-making, prioritization and execution of global expansion plans. 

RSM Delivery Centers in India and El Salvador enhance the client experience by creating and delivering timely, cost-effective and high-quality solutions to improve business processes across service lines. 

Powering deals through the game-changing Global M&A Tax Virtual Hub

Whether clients are regularly conducting cross-border transactions or just considering one, they can turn to the experienced global mergers and acquisitions tax team at RSM for guidance. The Global M&A Tax Virtual Hub delivers market insights and innovative ideas directly from M&A tax professionals around the world.

Despite travel restrictions, private equity deal-makers looking to expand globally can rely on this team to facilitate conversations and keep transactions moving, delivering full visibility into current and future tax considerations at a local, regional and global level.

Country-focused specialization serves foreign direct investors and eases foreign market access

We continue to be a dominant firm for middle market foreign direct investors, leveraging our global business advisory capabilities and country experience to provide critical support for inbound and outbound foreign direct investment activity.

RSM’s country desk practices provide a deep understanding of FDIs while helping clients navigate business, regulatory and cultural issues when entering new markets. Based in the United States, these professionals provide answers and perspectives on inbound and outbound business opportunities, and offer cross-border knowledge across our audit, tax and consulting services.

Global strength, local relationships

RSM US and RSM Canada are member firms of RSM International, a leading global audit, tax and consulting network focused on the middle market. RSM International’s recent fiscal year results include continued growth encompassing:


people internationally




combined revenues


year-over-year global revenue growth


New member Firms in Denmark, Chile, Paraguay, Zambia, Kazakhstan

As multinational businesses were challenged to transform this past year, RSM International’s agile response to the pandemic provided innovative and high-quality services to help clients worldwide reimagine their future. RSM’s member firms quickly adapted their digital infrastructure to facilitate remote collaboration and learning, ensuring seamless continuity across the global network. Read more about ways RSM’s global team is finding opportunity in change to help clients grow and thrive.

Vision 100. . . Powered by Our Culture

At RSM, we are first-choice advisors dedicated to shaping the future of the middle market globally.

During our almost-100-year history, we have built an unrivaled culture and a reputation for delivering high-quality services and insights that have positioned us as the leader in the middle market. As the world around us evolves we, too, must evolve and lead into the future.

The strategy that will carry us to our 100th anniversary in 2026, is new, yet familiar. Our vision, purpose, values and the five characteristics of a first-choice advisor (5 C’s) will remain consistent, as they are foundational to who we are and how we succeed. Our strategy to achieve our vision and deliver our purpose will evolve to accelerate the combination of our powerful RSM culture and first-choice advisor relationships with compelling digital platforms, strategic business relationships and forward-looking industry insights.

RSM Strategy Square

We are committed to continuing to lead the middle market with transparency, agility, diversity and digital velocity to empower our people to build vibrant careers, to ensure clients experience the power of being understood everywhere in the world and to maximize mutually beneficial relationships.

Through it all, we will keep our culture at the forefront as we continue to drive sustained success for our clients, our people and our firm.