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In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, our clients, employees and the entire world faced a tremendous amount of uncertainty and change. However, the pandemic has brought our firm closer together, and we have demonstrated leadership by developing solutions that will help the middle market emerge from adversity even stronger.

Helping our clients and employees successfully navigate a challenging environment

Joe Adams

Letter From Joe Adams


As we look back on what has been one of the most interesting and challenging years of my career—and I’m sure many of yours, too—everyone at RSM feels pride in the support and leadership we provided to our clients, colleagues and communities.

Last year I closed my letter with this thought: “I believe we have an incredible opportunity right now to not just weather this storm but to emerge stronger and create a brighter future for all.” Thanks to everyone who is connected with RSM, we have done that.

Our core values of respect, integrity, teamwork, excellence and stewardship were at the forefront of every decision we made. And every step we took was grounded in our 5 C’s of caring, curiosity, collaboration, courage and critical thinking. It is these core principles that enabled us to work together to address challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, the pandemic-induced recession, racial and political unrest, and conclude the year even stronger than before.

First and foremost, RSM kept the health, safety and wellbeing of our people at the forefront of our decisions. When other firms were cutting compensation, we paid employee bonuses and provided promotions and salary increases. We also added multiple benefits to help our people, including mental health resources and family-friendly support. And we maintained our career development programming in a virtual environment to ensure people continued to develop technical, advisory and leadership skills.

This support enabled our people to keep the needs of our clients at the forefront, and we quickly pivoted to provide them with help with stimulus programs, remote work, thought leadership about the election, a Middle Market Collaborative for Understanding, new service offerings and more. We stayed connected with clients through virtual platforms, and we worked hard to serve as first-choice advisors at every turn. Clients have told us that they appreciated our proactivity, and their support helped us grow during difficult economic conditions.

Finally, our people were creative in supporting our communities. Since we couldn’t volunteer in person, we extended our annual volunteer week for a whole month, and our people volunteered at home with their families. From packing backpacks for kids to go back to school to growing seedlings for community gardens to making cards for frontline workers, families gave their time to make a difference to others. They also gave of their financial resources. At a time when our charitable organizations needed it the most, our people and our firm raised more money through Birdies Fore Love than ever before. More than $4 million was given back to our local communities through the program last year.

This year we will be embarking on Vision 100, which is our evolved strategy that will lead us to our 100th anniversary in 2026 and beyond. The full name is Vision 100…Powered by Our Culture because the last year has proven that it is our unrivaled culture that makes RSM a great firm. We are truly grateful to all of our partners, principals, employees, clients, communities and other stakeholders for being part of it.

I am certain we will continue to be successful well into the future because of you!


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Joe Adams
RSM US LLP Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer 

Jerry Martin

Letter From Jerry Martin


On behalf of the RSM US LLP board of directors, I am pleased to present the RSM US LLP fiscal 2021 annual report. The theme of this year’s report is “Resilience + Reimagination,” which is a fitting way to describe the last 12 months.

During the last year, RSM, our people, our clients and our communities displayed incredible resilience—adapting to various challenges represented by the COVID-19 pandemic, racial and political unrest, and a rocky economy. Our firm acted decisively in the face of each, looking to our values and our 5 C’s to provide support for our people, resources for our clients and a helping hand in our communities.

It was also a year of reimagination. When it became clear that the COVID-19 pandemic was not going to pass quickly, our teams had to rethink how they would work with each other and with our clients in a virtual environment. We reshaped our recruiting, onboarding and development programs. We redesigned our client events and engagement activities. We introduced many new service offerings to support clients in a changing environment. And we revamped our approach to volunteering.

While we look forward to getting back to in-person activities soon, we have learned so much during the last year, and we intend to apply it to ensure we run a successful, effective, efficient and sustainable business in the future.

As we look to the future, we have also been evolving our strategy to take us to the year 2026—our 100th anniversary. The last 100 years have certainly brought about much change, and some say the last year alone has packed 10 years of change into 12 months. If there is one thing I know about RSM, it’s that we are masters at adapting to change. I am confident that our spirit of resilience + reimagination will carry RSM to our 100th year and beyond while enabling us to continue to shape positive futures for our people, our clients and our communities.


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Jerry Martin
Chair, RSM US LLP Board of Directors

RSM US LLP Board of Directors
Joe Adams, Ty Beasley, John Bird, Paul Guirovich, Beth Johnson, Sudhir Kondisetty, Frank Le Bihan, Sara Lord, Jerry Martin, Joyce Reto, Tim Tiefenthaler, Darcy Wilson-Jones